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Comics Age of X-Man [Evento Marvel] [Actualizado] [Español] [Mega]

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La edad de X-Man amanece … y los X-Men no pueden detenerlo.

Editorial: Marvel
Formato: CBR

Age Of X Man #1: https://ouo.io/C8ac60l
The Marvelous X-Men : https://ouo.io/eQKjmVq
Age Of X Man The Amazing Nightcrawler 1 De 5 : https://ouo.io/igrZTb
Age Of X-Man Next Gen: https://ouo.io/FEMK3hS
Age Of X-Man - Prisoner X 01: https://ouo.io/UdoKWu
Age Of X-Man - Apocalypse Y The Tracts #1: https://ouo.io/pFyz3cE

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