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Cowboy Bebop [USA]


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In 2071, roughly fifty years after an accident with a hyperspace gateway made the Earth almost uninhabitable, humanity has colonized most of the rocky planets and moons of the Solar System. Amid a rising crime rate, the Inter Solar System Police (ISSP) set up a legalized contract system, in which registered bounty hunters (also referred to as "Cowboys") chase criminals and bring them in alive in return for a reward.[14] The series' protagonists are bounty hunters working from the spaceship Bebop. The original crew are Spike Spiegel, an exiled former hitman of the criminal Red Dragon Syndicate, and his partner Jet Black, a former ISSP officer. They are later joined by Faye Valentine, an amnesiac con artist; Edward Wong, an eccentric girl skilled in hacking; and Ein, a genetically-engineered Pembroke Welsh Corgi with human-like intelligence. Over the course of the series, the team get involved in disastrous mishaps leaving them without money, while often confronting faces and events from their past:[15] these include Jet's reasons for leaving the ISSP, and Faye's past as a young woman from Earth injured in an accident and cryogenically frozen to save her life.


Nombre: Kaubōi Bibappu

Año:  1998

Episodios: 1-26

Peso: 160.25 GB

Formato: BDMV

Pantalla: 1920x1080

Audios: English

Subtítulos: English

Menú: Yes

Extras: Yes

Genero: Noir, Sci-Fi, Space




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Buen aporte,  ocupa demasiado como para resubirlo todo, existen ripeos de N### con los masters de usa sin la cagada de la saturación de imagen y sub al español. yo por tiempo no puedo hacerlo pero ánimo a otros que lo hagan, este posteo buena intención demasiado para soportarlo una persona resubidas mantener etc

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