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[Request] Dragon Ball BOX's and Dragon Ball Z las Peliculas (Selecta Vision)[BD/DBMV][REMUX]

Ross Jean-François

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Hi, I just saw the remux of Dragon Ball Super with English and French audio and Subtitles from the selecta vision BD's made some of you guys.



I have all the first 3 Dragon Ball BOX's from selecta vision, I also have the movies (Las películas) with Battle of GOD and Resurrection F & Broly from selecta vision.


I have also all the Dragon Ball audio 2.0 Stereo and subtitles for all the Dragon Ball series and DBZ movies in AC3 and subtitles in SRT.

I also have all the all the Dragon Ball audio 5.1 DD remasters in AC3 and subtitles in SRT  and DBZ movies in AC3 and subtitles in SRT.

I also have all the old original Dragon Ball Japanese broadcast audios that someone made and remastered and edited to fit the full uncut episodes..


I have everything ready to go  !


I was wondering if someone wants all my stuff to remake these

desvelada-la-caratula-del-blu-ray-de-dra  desvelada-la-caratula-del-blu-ray-de-dra  BOX1.jpg  BOX2.jpg   BOX3.jpg

the same way someone did with the Dragon Ball Super I posted above..

If you are interested, I can give you all my stuff or we can work together to make this project happen.



Comment bellow... 


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Hola, no sé en qué quedó todo esto, pero yo también dispongo de la colección completa de Dragon Ball BOX en BD. Mi intención es hacer un remux como backup, pero estoy teniendo algún que otro problema extrayendo los subtítulos. Si alguien tiene experiencia y me puede echar un cable no me importaría compartir el resultado por aquí

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