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  1. ced1988

    BDMV Bleach Saga [16/16][EXCLUSIVO]

    hi do you says when you came upload the missed disc thanks
  2. ced1988

    BDMV Noragami Aragoto BDMV (3/3)

    hi all files are unavailable
  3. ced1988

    BDMV Drifters BDMV (4/4)

    hi all file is delete thanks
  4. ced1988

    BDMV Chaos Dragon [2/2]

    do you have the subtitle for french thanks
  5. ced1988

    BDMV Dororo Blu-ray BOX + Scan

    where the part 24 for disc 3 thanks
  6. ced1988

    BDMV Bleach Saga [16/16][EXCLUSIVO]

    ok no problem thanks
  7. ced1988

    BDMV Death Parade [2/2]

    hi why for the disc 1 and 2 the part 1 is an .exe thanks
  8. ced1988

    BDMV Bleach Saga [16/16][EXCLUSIVO]

    the link for disc 13, 14 ,15 ,16 is dead replace and why for disc 1 to 8 the part one is an .exe thanks
  9. ced1988

    BDMV Chivalry of a Failed Knight [2/2]

    @New_Vicious hi if i donate can i have download this file https://www.cyber-team.ws/forums/topic/540-bleach-saga-1616exclusivo/?tab=comments#comment-1174 or not thanks
  10. ced1988

    BDMV Chivalry of a Failed Knight [2/2]

    hi where the password for the archive thanks
  11. hello the link is not avaible thanks
  12. ced1988

    BDMV Code Geass Saga

    thanks you but just have season 1 not 50 episode thanks
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