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  1. Hi, I just saw the remux of Dragon Ball Super with English and French audio and Subtitles from the selecta vision BD's made some of you guys. I have all the first 3 Dragon Ball BOX's from selecta vision, I also have the movies (Las películas) with Battle of GOD and Resurrection F & Broly from selecta vision. I have also all the Dragon Ball audio 2.0 Stereo and subtitles for all the Dragon Ball series and DBZ movies in AC3 and subtitles in SRT. I also have all the all the Dragon Ball audio 5.1 DD remasters in AC3 and subtitles in SRT and DBZ movies in AC3 and subtitles in SRT. I also have all the old original Dragon Ball Japanese broadcast audios that someone made and remastered and edited to fit the full uncut episodes.. I have everything ready to go ! I was wondering if someone wants all my stuff to remake these the same way someone did with the Dragon Ball Super I posted above.. If you are interested, I can give you all my stuff or we can work together to make this project happen. Comment bellow...
  2. Ross Jean-François

    User name change

    Hi, I registered with facebook without knowing that it would take my user name from my name on Facebook. I was wondering if you could change it please.. I checked in the settings and didn't find a place to change it.
  3. Ross Jean-François

    Dragon Ball Super BOX 1 [2/2] + BDremux

    Pretty awesome again thanks for adding the Englis and French audio and subtitles... Do you guys plan to do the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z Movies from Select Vision ? If you do I can help I have the Dragon Ball BOX1, 2, 3 of selecta vision and also the Dragon Ball Z BOX set of all the movies from selecta vision. (12 DBZ Movies, 2 TV-Specials, Battle of God and Resurrection F) If you want them to do the project I can send them to you...
  4. Ross Jean-François


    Thanks, it's cool that you added English and French audio and Subtitles..
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