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  1. Have you ever considered using Google Team/Shared Drives as a way to share files? There are two types of Team/Shared Drives you can get "Free" ones that are usually owned by Universities/Educational Institutions which I personally don't recommend as they get nuked quite offended even if you don't share anything from them. There are also "Premium/Private" ones that are owned by Private Domains/People which are by far the best when it's comes to lifetime. However not sure how long they will last if you mass share files. You can always use ODrive to encrypt the share links if that's something that worries you. I've been using a Premium Team/Shared Drive for over a year with at least 6+ TBs worth for pirated content (BDMVs, Encodes, Remuxes, ETC). Personally I think you should consider getting one of these Premium Team/Shared Drive and I'd be happy to help you get one since these are hard to come by. The only person that I know of that sells these privately owned drives is a guy named Samuel Services (also known as Rifts) and people been buying from him for over 2 years now. Also to add google recently added a feature where you can share folders from Team/Shared Drives so sharing BDMVs in a compressed format should be easy. Feel free to message me if you do ever considered using a Premium Shared Drive, I'm actually curious myself on how long it will last since you'd be using it to share files.
  2. @New_Vicious Will you be reviving the google drive links?
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