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Rules Updated 22/09/2020


New Rules - 12/01/17


With the addition of the SSL certificate to the page, only files from other pages with SSL certificate will be allowed to be included in order to keep everything always with maximum security.


For example to the image servers it is recommended to use any of the following:




These servers all use SSL as knowing if a site has it is easy only by seeing this icon appear in the address bar




All users who do not follow these new rules will be warned, put together several warnings and have the privileges of posting for 1 week removed. 



General Standards

  • All the material published here is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the person who posts it
  • Only one account per person is allowed; user with more than one account will be banned along with their clones
  • The loan or exchange of accounts is prohibited; the accounts involved in that practice will be eliminated
  • Nothing flaming in the forum; Racist, sexist, religious or discriminatory messages will be deleted.
  • Insults or personal attacks or attacks on the community will not be allowed, provocative users will receive a warning; in extreme cases temporary or permanent suspension of the account
  • It is strictly forbidden to request links or passwords by private message or any other means to other users.
  • Refilling or re-uploading forum material on another page without the explicit permission of its author, it is considered theft of material and is a direct ban
  • Use partially forum material (audios, videos) to make montages and publish them on another page without asking permission of the author, it will also be considered theft of material


Rules for the forum

  • There is total freedom of expression and you can comment on what you want and give it to you, you just have to be respectful and not cause problems to others
  • Respect the opinion, customs and way of thinking of other members of the community
  • Do not take the topics out of context, if you want to discuss an issue that has nothing to do with the post where it is being discussed, it is better to open a new topic and continue the discussion / conversation
  • Avoid posting one-word messages
  • Do not spam and fill the forum with repetitive messages like "Thanks for the contribution"
  • Do not post download links in the comments, if you want to help the uploader of some contribution is better send it by private message so he can add it to the post
  • Do not make comments against another user based on rumors, if you are going to criticize / claim someone has to be with the tests at hand


Welcome to the community

all, all users should read the rules of the forum, so they will be aware of the rules that must be met, infractions of these basic rules will be punished with expulsion and blocking of the IP, so Respect the rules and everything will be excellent.

The registration is only by invitation, which can be requested by discord in the following link or by an active member of the forum invite them.

The forum is made up of these user groups:

  • Rookies: It is the name that users receive by default after registering in the community they can not create themes only to respond to them, the promo is achieved with  4 post .
  • Members: They are promoted to this group after reaching the  5 post  in the forum or when they register using an invitation code and have access to all sections of the forum, except the donor section.
  • Advanced  They are promoted to this group after reaching 100 (40 Now) posts in the forum.   
  • Elite: They are promoted to this group after reaching  100  reputation  in the forum and with that they earn the right to see all the exclusive themes in the general forums.
  • Verified: These are the users that are recognized members of other pages.
  • Donors: They are users who have donated something to the community and have access to everything published and an exclusive section for them where there will be unique contributions.
  • Uploaders: They are the users that help with the growth of the community, contributing series and films, capture, edit, synchronize, make subtitles, help to get and re-raise material, among many other things.
  • Moderators: They are the members in charge of maintaining the proper functioning of the forum.
  • Do not post only thank you, without content, etc, or you will be limited in the amount of post you can do just by wanting to reach the rank.


Requirements to enter the Elite group

  • 100 of Reputation, as a demonstration of being an active and participative user
  • Post of Presentation and Select an Avatar


Requirements to enter the group Uploaders Lite - 02/05/19

  • Material required: anyone can upload from rips, audios, patches, etc. All uploaded by itself (not material uploaded by another person and make it happen as yours)
  • 10 reputation points as proof of having contributed something to the taste of the community's users
  • 15 Messages as a demonstration of being an active and participative user
  • Rank with access to all public forums.
  • Post of Presentation and Select an Avatar

Requirements to enter the group Uploaders - 02/05/19

  • Required material: Complete discs, whether DVD, BD, Lazer Disc, etc. All uploaded by itself (not material uploaded by another person and make it happen as yours)
  • MANDATORY password: www.cyber-team.ws
  • 10 reputation points as proof of having contributed something to the taste of the community's users
  • 15 Messages as a demonstration of being an active and participative user
  • Range with access to the Donors section.
  • Post of Presentation and Select an Avatar


Requirements to enter the Donors group - 22/08/2020

  • Now the Patreon system is used to manage donations
  • In Patreon you will find 2 levels that are Help and Subscriber
  • The aid level is 1€ with that level you get the ELITE rank
  • The Subscriber Level is 6€ with that level you get access to the Subscribers Area
  • Using Patreon the subscription is monthly and is charged every first day of the month
  • If you subscribe on the 30th and the next day is first, Patreon will charge again
  • Therefore, it is recommended to subscribe between the first 2 or 3 days of the month in order to have the full month.
  • To have the Permanent rank you must make a donation of € 200 for more info ask on the subject.


Requirements when posting a topic - 22/08/2020


Any topic created from now on must follow these guidelines for the title that are


  1. Start with the name or title of the series, movie, comic, manga, etc.
  2. Put in brackets either the number of discs, episodes, languages, formats, etc.




  • Knight of Sidonia S2 [12/12] [Dual+Sub] [BDRip]
  • Lupin III VS Detective Conan: La Película [WebDL]
  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn! [26/26] [JAP] [EXCLUSIVO]
  • Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor [2/2] [USA]


The reason for this is to keep the forum orderly, as there is a system that allows topics to be separated by the first letter of the title and if they put something other than the title it will be difficult to locate the topic later.


Also avoid creating topics with separate content, that is, if you are going to upload a series that are all the links in a single topic, not 10 different topics of the same series with different chapters in each one.





Correct way to do it



We do all this in order to keep everything in order in the forum and to make it easier to locate things and these 2 new rules begin to apply as of today 09/22/2020 any topic that does not comply with these rules is will tell the author to correct it within a period of no more than 24 hours, otherwise the topic will be deleted.


As it has been established, only the members of the  Elite, Verified, Donors Uploader Lite and Uploader groups  can see the private links of the posts; to enter these groups the users must first be active, make contributions or support in the forum, this is essential, since it guarantees the constant growth of the forum and we all benefit.

Each contribution or collaboration made in the forum is counted and points are awarded that are added to the user's account.

After the user enters the group  Uploader , must maintain a good average regularity in contributions to the forum, as it will be regularly reviewing the activity of each one and in case a stipulated time elapses without collaborating and no more interested in downloading,
he will be notified to remind you that you need to continue active in contributions if you wish to continue in the group.

Once a stipulated period has expired, without having made more contributions after the notification, the user will become a  Member  again, with the possibility of entering Uploader again, as soon as he accumulates the respective sufficient points.

How is it contributed and collaborated in the forum?

There are several ways to collaborate with the community, each collaboration is accounted for and points are awarded, these are the most important:

  • Mainly sharing series and movies, taking into account that it is forbidden to post light versions and publish active contributions from other pages, only the original uploader can do it.
  • Resubmit the contributions that have been posted and that are not currently available.
  • Capture the interesting material that is transmitted on national and regional television, from time to time the channels in each country pass series and films difficult to obtain and that is not obtained in the network, for this only a television captor is required.
  • Capture stream signals, there are many TV channels and portals like Netflix, Claro Video, Blim that transmit their content over the internet, to capture audio and video you only need a program like Audials, Bandicam, Camtasia, Fraps, there are many.
  • Collaborate in projects, people who synchronize audios to videos and encode videos are needed, we provide resources and advice for those interested.
  • Work on subtitles, translate written texts, create times and correct dialogues. As there are so many series and movies that we could not get in Spanish we have the option of subtitling them to enjoy them again.
  • If you know foreign languages such as English, Italian, French, Portuguese, etc. or if you know someone, you can collaborate by translating the dialogues by ear to subsequently create the subtitles.


And that's it, remember to respect the rules that are for something.

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